is a restaurant directory, designed to help restaurants receive orders directly and to protect their businesses from the threat of food marketplaces.

Food marketplaces are waging a war on restaurants. They seek to syphon away their customers and charge ever increasing fees for the honour of receiving orders from them. Food marketplaces are incentivised to redirect a restaurant’s customers away to whoever will pay most of the order, which has a knock on effect on the quality of food that can be offered.

Some marketplaces have gone further by looking to control the delivery driver network, open kitchen spaces and become the landlord for restaurants and even to create their own food brands and selling directly to the consumers that they swept away from their restaurant ‘partners’.To help your local restaurant stay in business, always order straight from the restaurant and never use a marketplace. exists to help consumers discover restaurants in their area which they can order from directly.

It was created as we found that consumers who wanted to support their local restaurants by ordering directly had no great way to discover find which restaurants can deliver to them without resorting to using a marketplace / aggregator, which has a large negative impact on the resturants' profitability and ability to stay in business while providing a top-tier service. is funded by Flipdish for the benefit of all independent restaurants. We do not believe a search engine such as this can be built for-profit without eventually harming restaurants by charging for placement and receiving orders. Therefore is not built for-profit. We will never accept payment for preferential listings and will never charge for receiving traffic or customers from the website. We believe that by helping the industry as a whole, Flipdish will thrive. and its sponsor Flipdish will never will

As a restaurateur, you should not promote! You should not drive your customers to is designed to help people discover your restaurant and bring you new customers. You should only promote your own brand and your website directly. And you most certainly should not promote 3rd party marketplaces by allowing their stickers to be posted in your storefront or by allowing marketplaces to bid on your Google Ads keywords while you are a customer of theirs. A note to restaurants is intended to bring new customers to you, not take your existing customers away. There is no need to even mention this site to your existing customers. All we do is send new customers, who want to support businesses like yours, in your direction.

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